Smokestacks & Cadillacs

Le Danse Macabre

January 3rd, 2075 - Somewhere on the North Pacific

I am Sergei Kim, You are all here because you seek passage to the east coast of America. We have made this possible for you. And you will owe us, but it is not so big a price to pay in the scheme of things. To make this journey easier, you will all be put into a medically induced coma. All those who object… Well. There’s always the Yakuza.

The ganger’s words echoed around her head. The little grey pill. The warm shuffling mass of bodies. The smell and the chemical haze of fog over her senses.

But when she woke, they were all gone. The heartbeats came first, the dull pound of the twenty two other girls. Packaged in, with their IVs out cold for the trip. The Vory were very good at sex trafficking. They had it down to a fine art. Then the smell, their flesh, soft, warm and sweet. She retched at first, gagging at the cloying sweetness.

Scrambling back to the bulk head, she pulled out her IV, crying and cursing unintelligibly.

Then the hunger came. The need to feed. Deep down she knew, she didn’t know how, but she knew, the only thing that would sate it, was their flesh.The world seemed this tiny prison of metal and meat.

She dragged the girl outside of their tiny cramped compartment, and into the little hallway below deck. She remembered the girls name. Alisa, she had come from a tiny village on the border near japan. She collected phone charms. Tiny little cartoon animals the size of a fingernail.

The door opened with a drawn out cry then shuddered and stopped. Gore dripped from her mouth as she looked up.

God forgive me.


Sonnet Sonnet

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