White Tiger Triads

The White Tiger Triads are one of the few Triad groups that have a shamanic tradition instead of a hermetic one.

They have recently been gifted a portion of Seattle by the Red Dragon Triads, though unfortunately the Red Dragons did not mention that the territory did not actually belong to them.

An old Halloweener spot on the piers north of the old Renraku arcology, they’ve been shaking down bars and restaurants, for protection money, the oldest racket in the book.

They’re looking to get into all the big boy clubs too, but currently are stuck in the small time, whilst they hunt for something to give them an advantage.

The Tiger’s shamanic tradition follows the totem of the Ardent Tiger, an entity of tremendous power, a majestic creature who is energy incarnate. Her skin glows with the energy, her teeth and claws lightning, and her cries the clap of thunder. She is a primal force, often savage but necessary to the survival of the land and the continuation of the cycle of life. Ardent Tiger is a force to be respected and approached with great care, lest her anger be roused.

White Tiger Triads

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