The Pineapple Club

Metahuman rights activists or terrorists, it’s a matter of opinion. They came onto the scene in ’72, shortly after the bombing of a Metahuman Rights symposium at Berkeley (see Iron Friday). The first attack was several Policlub chapter houses, dubbed, The Retaliation, three Humanus chapter houses and one private residence were destroyed, resulting in 58 casualties and over 400 injuries. Experts say that this attack was unprecedentedly organized for a terrorist organization.

Their name derives from their modus operandi, shrapnel explosives, the name specifically comes from the US standard issue Mk. II fragmentation grenade, though the mark II has not been used since the end of the 2-th century, The Pineapple Club uses them as a calling card.

Despite 12 bombings over the last 3 years, The Pineapple Club’s demands are as yet unknown and no figurehead or spokesperson has emerged.

Rumor And Speculation

Since Liam O’Conner’s disappearance from Tír na nÓg goverment in 2042, he has been speculated to be behind plenty of metahuman activism movements, The Pineapple Club is just another added to this list, though bear in mind that the explosives used in these bombings do not even contain trace chemicals similar to 2030s IRA devices.

User “Player8” of the ShadowSea BBS has speculated that The Pineapple Club has ties with young metahuman activists such as Nadia Hamid and the goblin-rock band Rock & Troll. For her article explaining the group’s reasoning but not condoning their actions, and for the song “Pineapple Parade” an extremely controversial move that has gotten Rock & Troll massive media attention.

The Pineapple Club

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