The Puddlestomers are a young Merrow tribe found in the Seattle docks. They are a fairly young tribe founded by When-It-Rains-On-Still-Waters. And differ from most Merrow tribes in their openness to outsiders.

They have a strong shamanic tradition, though it is theorised that this is common throughout the Merrow.

Their founder When-It-Rains-On-Still-Waters, had a strong bond with the merrow they call Bringer-Of-Beautiful-Gifts, and is known to much of the sixth world as Atli Whalespeaker, little is understood of Merrow family structure or if one exists, but it is clear from interviews with Rain that they held Atli as an Idol and paternal figure.

When-It-Rains-On-Still-Waters has strong ties to an Elf Shaman they call Gentle-Breeze-On-Warm-Days, though who that is, is debated in the media, but in the shadows is common knowledge that Zephyr handle’s Rain’s disputes between other groups in Seattle.


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