Merrows are creatures that look like humanoid/fish hybrids. They are known to use archaic tools and weapons and live in tribes, suggesting sentience. However, their sentience has not been recognized by any international institution yet.

There are two sub-species of Merrow. One lives in the open seas of the world, the other is adapted to freshwater.

It is rumored that Sea Merrows tribes development of advanced sapience is thanks to the magical intervention of a Great Leviathan.

The Merrow tribes aren’t secretive as much as distrusting as outsiders, especially after the loss of Atli Whalespeaker on Iron Friday.

There is a Merrow tribe that is active around the docks that are often referred to as The Puddlestompers. They are a fairly young tribe founded by When-It-Rains-On-Still-Waters.


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