Iron Friday

On June 10th 2072, the University of California, Berkeley’s Hermetic and Awakened Studies department held a symposium on The Role of Metahumanity in the Awakenening, with many guest speakers talking about metahuman rights, magical tradition in ancient and contemporary culture. But the event was more important for another reason, it was the first time metasapient beings were to speak with the same recognition as metahumans.

Speakers included, Prince Sean Laverty of Tir Tangire, founder of the Xavier Foundation; Atli of the Tala Hvalur Merrow tribe of the north sea, a widely respected orca shaman of the S.V.V. (Svartur Vatn VerndarrĂ­ki or Black Tide Protectorate), and Hadiyah al-Fulan, a young Metahuman rights activist.

Among the guests were children from the Redmond School for the Awakened Youth.

Four sophisticated improvised explosive devices were used in the attack. Each of which was filled with an average of three kilos of cold forged iron nails.

Two devices were planted on the balcony, one on the stage and a final under the seating area for the Redmond school children.

No one took credit for the attacks. The finger has been pointed at groups like Humanus and Almos 2k, but neither has ever been proven to be behind the attacks.

The final death toll was in the low hundreds. There were just under seventy survivors, UCB issued a statement to publicly thank the work of a group of “Independent Security Contractors” for taking the lead in the evacuation and for “[their] quick thinking during the explosion”.

Iron Friday

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