Aztechnology, headquartered in Tenochtitlan, Aztlan, is the second largest corporation in the world and the largest corporation in North America. Aztechnology is the number one producer of consumer goods in the world. It is also number one in the Magical Industry.

The corporation strongly supports the Aztlaner government, which in turn enacts a number of laws to the advantage of Aztechnology. The corporation is privately owned and does not disclose the names of its shareholders and board members. On the other hand, it heavily uses publicity to support its foods and consumer goods sales.

Recent news

War with Amazonia

In early 2072 Aztlan and Amazonia went to war with one another. An Amazonia agent was caught spying on Aztlan, and they used this as justification to start the war. This was probably a move that hearkened back to ORO’s expansion in the ’20’s. Aztechnology had better weapons and training, Amazonia had better magic, and a dragon.

In 2073, Sirrurg the Destroyer resurfaced. He lead an attack against an Azlaner military base in Cali, Columbia. This attack was composed of a half dozen feathered serpents, a dozen or so wyverns, and a large horde of drakes, spirits, lindworms, and various well-known members of the eco-terrorist groups GreenWar and mercenaries.

Aztlan (and the Big A by association) had egg on their face. And for the next year promised to use cutting edge weaponry to take down the Destroyer. And on October 3, last year, after months of searching and preparation they managed to do just that. They had found one of Sirrurg’s “mini-hordes” outside of Roswell and destroyed everything inside of it to enrage the dragon and lure him from hiding.

Two hours later he was spotted flying along the east coast of Aztlan. He was shot down outside of Acapulco, but the fighting raged on for 98 more minutes. Finally, after much bloodshed and losses they managed to bring down the Destroyer. Then suddenly a storm came out of nowhere to obscure the battlefield were Sirrurg fell. Reports claim shapes moving effortlessly through the fog, and once the storm passed Sirrurg’s body was no where to be seen.


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