Fixer, show promoter & Eagle Shaman.


Zephyr is an eagle shaman, from the Salish-Shide council, Zef spent time as a ranger policing the border for paracritter poachers. After a disagreement with the Salish-Shide Council Zef moved to Seattle and took to the shadows in the mid 60s. Working briefly in in the Chicago CZ as a bug hunter, before returning to Seattle’s to set up shop as a fixer.

Zephyr is unusually friendly and open for an eagle shaman, probably a result of a career as a face for several crews.

Zef has strong ties to many of the Awakened Gangs in Seattle and often works as a mediator in their disputes.

Zef is also a gig promoter and manager for a small contingent of punk and noise bands. And has the unfortunate tendency to bother you into buying tickets for shows.


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