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//- Connecting to Directory «Lonstr_DoI»
//-Accessing directory «seattledivision>doi>irregasset>poi>koslovayv»

Name:Yekatarina Vasilievna Koslova
SIN: LS-8476-VZ#869-Sea-70 ADDENDUM: Subject expected known to carry forged SINs
Known Alias(es): Medusa, p1erc1ngblu
Sex: F
Mtype: Elf
Place of Birth: Unknown
Current Location: Unknown
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: NA
Distinguishing Features: Significant scarring around eyes and lower brow. Cybernetic eyes. tattoos left arm and left collar.
Occupation: Mechanic, suspected Shadowrunner
Convictions: Desertion (Pending extradition to RR)
Suspected: Grand Larceny, Destruction of Corporate Property, Vehicular Homicide, Disturbance of the Peace, Assault, Racketeering, (…)
Known Assosiates: Jane Doe “Zephyr” , Dominika Tolstaya, “Frank” “Damocles”, Stefan Low-Scudding-Cloud, Albert Van Diekus, (…)


Alright boys and girls, this is one to watch. We can reliably link her to a case of Shiawese Monsoons that ‘fell off the back of a truck’ last September. Coupled with what looks like control rig training and a stable of drones, and we’re looking at trouble. Whether the suspect was responsible for the thefts, or was just the buyer is besides the point. An association with Tolstaya, a known Authority in the Slepoi Vory, as well as that Zephyr dweeb, means she’s likely got friends. Friends prone to reprisals, the type of which are way above our paygrade. Lucky for us, that bad news ain’t so bad.

Good news is, I’m working on the theory that this gal doesn’t have many friends with the Russkies; those peepers don’t look like military spec, so I’m betting we’ve got some textbook Vory branding, there to leave a don’t-fuck-around impression that doesn’t exactly win over hearts and minds. The apparent lack of their tattoos cancels her out of any attempt to climb the criminal career ladder, so If I were a gambling man, I’d say that a reluctant scumbag on our hands. Reckon she’ll be laying low following that incident at the dockside that put her on our radar in the first place. As soon as she surfaces though, I’d bet my hat in the blind that we can use her to shovel shit on the Vory, what with hold that extradition order we can conjure up over her head. Never hurts to have more disposable assets in our pockets.

-Cpt. Curtis, TacDiv.


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