Name: ????. Known as ’’Frank’’.


Sex: Presumed Male

Metatype: Presumed Human

Birthplace: Unsure location, believed to be somewhere in the Russian Taiga.
Possibly the Abakan district.

Height: 6ft 1’’

Build: Medium, Average of Presumed Male Human

Features: Unknown, obscured by a red trimmed, black gas mask. Mask is supposedly
attached to his head.

Known activities: Drug Manufacture, Running, Destruction of Property, Homicide,
Production of Dangerous and Forbidden items

Known associates: ‘’Rock and Troll’‘, Vlad ’’the Stake Smuggler’’, ‘’El Chambo’‘,
’’Medusa’’, ’’Zephyr’’

Danger level: Gang connections, Skilled, Unknown goals, Possible Soviet agendas
High danger level.

Our friend Frank as far as known reigns from an old Soviet cell, hidden out
in frag knows where. I’m unsure as to why he left for Seattle, his motives so far
seem random; he seems to show no paticular pattern to his actions (certainly no
political motives show).

Whatever he’s here for, he’s certainly made a quick name for himself, with activites
from drug dealing to protecting well known goblin rock bands and even taking out buildings
with homemade (practically military grade) explosives. Currently unsure if the destruction
of property was terrorism, no motive yet shows.

But no matter how many ripples he makes, there is no hint as to who he actually
is; his mask is who everyone knows. It’s speculated it’s attached to his head, with rumours
spreading he’s the descendant of Stalin or that he’s a spirit, but these seem the usual
shit that the low life thinks up.

For now i recommend a hands off approach, there seems to be something more to this
strange immigrant that only time will tell.

- Agent ’’Openeye’’, Lone Star


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