Armed with an arsenal of blackmail, incentives and open threats, Damocles has become an indispensable avenue of control for Seattle’s Vory. As a decker of not inconsiderable talent, many incriminating facts about many an individual, be they scrap peddler or CEO, have found their way into her databanks. While her fellow Vory Authorities depend on brute force and intimidation to command loyalty, Damocles has long relied on the web of quiet coercion, backstreet blackmail and gentle incentives to inspire loyalty and paranoia within her cohorts.

Other than her modus operandi, not a great deal is known about the decker, who guards her own secrets just as fiercely as she hoards those of others. She has however, been known to brag about her origins within the prison systems, where it is claimed, she organised and implemented the Vory’s domination of a number of institutions before her eventual release. Since then, she has been incarcerated a number of times, though it takes only a matter of weeks for the charges to vanish. Nonetheless, her impressive body of tattoos suggest a great deal of history, both within her organisation, and with the prison system in general, that can only be guessed at.

Damocles only rarely meets with those she has leverage over, preferring to interact over the Matrix. These interactions are generally brief, but nevertheless showcase her sadistic mien, masked by a playful visage. Most of the criminal activity that she orchestrates is carried out by those ensnared in her web of blackmail, although she has noted a preference for punishing those who have displeased her personally.



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